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What we look for

This 5-week course is beginner-friendly, as we don't expect you to come in with a technical background. We do expect two things from prospective students:

  1. Passion - We want students who care about doing meaningful work and have a burning desire to solve problems.
  2. Zeal - Our students should be able to withstand the demand of a fast-paced learning environment and are diligent, focused and persistent.

Application Process

After you submit your application, we'll contact you within 24hours to set up a phone conversation. After the phone conversation, a representative of Coderyte on your campus will meet you with the course package "Essential Gems for Your Rails Project" at the cost of GHS 250 only.

We consider applications on a rolling basis. There are no deadlines, but the 5 weeks starts on Monday, March 13, 2017.

If you have any questions at all, please email us.

Apply Here

Students apply for a variety of reasons: to start a new career, gain a new skillset, and etc. We want to know what your inspiration is so we can ensure we are supporting your post graduation.